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Being useful is about creating something worthwhile. Useful is practical and necessary. We aim to maximize the usefulness of local governments and public sector organizations by empowering them with innovative technologies and disruptive models for creating value for their citizens.

Usefulness Quantified

According to Elon Musk, the total improved usefulness of something is equal to the solutions usefulness to the average person, minus the next best similar item, multiplied by the amount of people who would find it useful.
Or in math terms: X = (U - C) * P
X = total usefulness (Utility Delta)
U = Usefulness to one person
C = Comparable item in usefulness & cost
P = Number of people this item would be used by/affect

Technology Scales Usefulness

New technologies provide access to entirely new capabilities, allowing us to reimagine the business models we use to create and capture value. Technology, and the resulting business models, are the most effective tools for maximizing usefulness through scale as fundamental characteristics of technology being free, perfect and instant minimizes duplication costs. Additionally, the costs of experimenting with and building new technologies has dropped dramatically over the last decade, lowering the barriers of exploring new innovative solutions to longtime challenges. 

In short, technology provides a 'usefulness hack' by reducing the costs and risks of scaling any given digital solution(+P). 

Products Connect People & Technology

Any technical solution is only as good as the strategy that supports it and the propensity for adoption. Successful products abstract away technical details into an intuitive experience that can be used by anyone. This requires the ability to effectively translate real-world problems into digital solutions, knowledge of both the business problem and the the underlying technologies used to create a given solution. This requires modern agile technology processes and frameworks. Unfortunately, local governments and public organizations are often slow to adopt these new models, favoring 'safe bets' over innovative approaches. 
We seek to disrupt this traditional model of public sector technology development by providing an R&D capacity for developing innovative technology solutions to widespread challenges faced by local communities across the country.   

Catalyzing Innovation.
Scaling Usefulness.

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