Who We Are

We create industry-specific accelerators that

There are many ingredients in the recipe for creating growth through innovation: most notably courage, creativity, grit, collaboration and hard work. More practically, for a business to create discernible change, it requires money, support, mentorship and passion.

Startup East Africa (SEA) is dedicated to bringing these ingredients together to spark new solutions to entrenched problems, catalyzing the impact potential of ambitious entrepreneurs throughout East Africa.

What we do

We create systems to scale the impact of innovative solutions that support entrepreneurs across East Africa.

Our Mission

To unlock the creative and productive potential of East African entrepreneurs by providing the infrastructure for identifying shared problems and scaling promising solutions.

Our Vision

A society where ambitious entrepreneurs have access to the support they need to create innovative solutions to the world’s’ toughest challenges.

About SEA

We unlock the capital, tools and support needed by ambitious entrepreneurs to create market-based solutions that improve their community, environment and broader economy.

Why here, Why now

A variety of factors have converged creating tremendous opportunities for development and investment across East Africa.

The 2nd ICT Revolution

The ongoing ICT revolution is fundamentally different than those of the past, for it empowers individuals to create exponential change.  

Our Communities

Communities are systems for collaboration, designed to improve the competitiveness of a sector in a defined geography through economic and social upgrading.

Impact & Metrics

SEA’s impact strategy is fully aligned with the UN SDGs, which serve as a clear beacon for the impact we wish to catalyze in society. 

Our Belief

The ongoing ICT revolution, epitomized by the mobile device, is fundamentally different than its’ predecessor. It empowers people individually, as entrepreneurs, to break into markets that until now have been closed to them. These ICTs fundamentally change the way we create value, lowering entry barriers and reducing transaction costs across a multiplicity of dimensions. This provides access to entirely new capabilities, allowing us to reimagine the business models used to create and capture value. We believe these new-found capacities offer tremendous opportunity to drive broad based growth, create quality jobs, promote sustainability and support a more equitable future.  

    SEA is an L3C that builds industry-specific social enterprise accelerators to scale the impact of innovative market-based solutions and generate deal flow for impact-oriented investors.


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