What we do

SEA builds digital products that augment the ability of IPAs across East Africa to attract FDI and promote shared value creation.

FDI can be catalytic, mobilizing capital and technology to spur growth, expand productive capacity and diversify economies. As an intermediary body between the public and private sectors, IPAs play a crucial role in promoting FDI. SEA exists to build tools that augment these capabilities.    

Why We Do It

This unique, intermediary role of IPAs underlies their importance in not only advancing FDI but also in promoting shared value creation and inclusive socio-economic development through the alignment of key social objectives and private sector opportunity.

Our Theory of Change

The emergence of modern technologies over the past decade has fundamentally changed the way investment promotion is conducted. When properly utilized, technology can significantly improve IPA performance, resulting in increased FDI and the multitude of benefits associated with it. 

Analyzing Opportunities for IPA Improvement:

Each IPA faces its’ own unique context for investment promotion. This context has a big impact on the strategies and techniques for promoting FDI. Our Approach is designed to help identify underperforming aspects of an IPAs overall investment promotion process. 


Competition between locations to attract investment has become intense. Almost every country, city, state or region now has an investment promotion agency engaged in investment attraction.

Most investment promotion agencies target similar industries and use comparable promotional messages. In this environment, it has become difficult for agencies to differentiate themselves and position their location as being different or better than others.

Investment promotion agencies also need to respond to changes in the market such as the increase in the number of investors from emerging markets and growing requirements to support different types of investment such as mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, political expectations and budget constraints are putting pressure on agencies to deliver results more cost-effectively.

The SEA Ecosystem

SEA’s solutions are supported by a data portal to facilitate collaboration around shared value opportunities and targeted private sector HUBs designed to catalyze cluster-specific private sector investment aligned with public sector objectives.

Taken together, the SEA System is designed to act as a socio-economic catalyst by improving the productivity of IPAs through the leveraging of public sector investment initiatives as a platform for stimulating microeconomic competitiveness through private sector investment. 


    SEA provides Investment Promotion Agencies(IPAs) with tools and processes for analyzing, aligning and promoting public investment opportunities to foreign direct investors.


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