Job Creation

IPAs are an indispensable part of national and regional development strategies, playing a critical role in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

This FDI acts as a catalyst for job creation, technology transfer and sustainable economic growth through shared value creation. This unique positioning at the interface between the public and private sectors means IPAs are often the face of governments and the first body contacted by potential investors. This gives them a unique platform for defining, aligning and promoting economic development that promotes broader social objectives.

SEA offers important support to IPA’s in their efforts to conduct market analysis, identify strategic opportunities and facilitate inward investment.

The Impact of Effective Investment Promotion

Both domestic investment and foreign direct investment(FDI) advance rural and urban economic growth and development. The distinctive role of FDI is that it brings scarce capital, know-how, technology, and access to foreign markets. If well embedded in the economic strategies of host economies, FDI can help improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, a core foundation of economic growth, job creation and broad-based economic resiliency.

Job Creation.

We partner with organizations to co-create market-leading frontier solutions that will drive tomorrow’s economy.

Technology Transfer.

We work with accelerator partners to define impact strategies that align with the needs of impact-oriented investors.

Impact Alignment.

We leverage 3 approaches to investment to align incentives and engage new sources of impact-oriented financing.

FDI in Africa

Attracting FDI to Africa is difficult. It is even more difficult to attract it to locations outside a country’s capital. Yet, promising investment opportunities abound, especially if considered in conjunction with broader regional economic clusters. Regions that seek FDI need, therefore, to make a determined and well-focused effort at aligning incentives around viable and promising investment opportunities, tailored both to local conditions and world markets.

    SEA provides Investment Promotion Agencies(IPAs) with tools and processes for analyzing, aligning and promoting public investment opportunities to foreign direct investors.


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