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Just like microfinance revolutionized banking practices by adapting financial services to the needs of the poor, now is the time for investors to adapt their tools to the needs of African SMEs.

Jean-Michel Severino Président, President-Investisseurs & Partenaires

What is the purpose of SDAs?

Focus Effort

SDAs are designed to focus effort across the community, connecting activities with key strategic outcomes.

Provide Evidence

Each SDA is accompanied with quantitative & qualitative research specific with its respective social and economic objectives.  

Foster Partnership

When opportunity is shared and objectives are clear, the potential of partnership for collaboration is limitless.

Clarify Expectations

SDAs define objectives and clarify expectations, removing ambiguities for entrepreneurs and investors alike.


View an SDA - "Cultural & Heritage Tourism"

Cultural and Heritage Tourism represents an under-developed, under-resourced, and under-marketed segment of the Kenyan tourism sector. With 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 42 cultures and countless other heritage tourism products, Culture & Heritage tourism represents an SDA with outstanding socio-economic potential.

Are you interested in getting involved?

How you can get involved

  1. 1
    Sponsor an SDA

    Family offices, foundations and HNWI are always welcome to submit an application to sponsor an SDA. 

  2. 2
    Submit an Innovation

    Are you an innovator looking to submit your idea for a specific SDA? Please submit all ideas via the respective community site.

  3. 3
    Offer Capacity Building

    Interested in offering capacity building services within a given SDA? List your services within the respective community site. 

  4. 4
    Become a Service Provider

    Interested in becoming a service provider within a given community? List your services within the respective community site. 

  5. 5
    Offer Risk Capital Investment Services

    Are you an Angel Investor, VC, PE, or Corporate looking to invest in scalable technology solutions within your sector? List your services within your respective community of interest. 

    SEA is an L3C that builds industry-specific social enterprise accelerators to scale the impact of innovative market-based solutions and generate deal flow for impact-oriented investors.


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