Innovation Campaigns are designed to engage a specific community subset around the creation of innovative solutions to the SDA in focus.

Campaigns are open channels used to generate ideas within clearly defined SDAs. A financial sponsor supports the campaign and helps to define the objectives, timelines, milestones and parameters for solution evaluation. Each funded campaign has a manager that is responsible for seeing the campaign to completion within its defined parameters. Critical to the campaign process is engaging stakeholders of the respective community to contribute ideas and vet concepts amongst a diverse group of people. At the completion of each campaign, the sponsor will be presented with 3-5 proposed solutions within the SDA.

What it takes to build an MVP

SDA Sponsorship

A financial sponsor supports an SDA and works with SEA to define the objectives, timelines, milestones and parameters for solution evaluation.

Community Outreach

The SDA Campaign is broadcast throughout the respective community with accompanying parameters and supporting research. 

Subset Identification

Community members interested in actively participating in the campaign can get involved in a variety of capacities(below).

Proposal Refinement

After Innovation Campaign completion, each proposal is vetted with the community subset. 3-5 solutions are then proposed to the sponsor.


View an MVP - "Safi - The Housekeeping Platform"

Cultural and Heritage Tourism represents an under-developed, under-resourced, and under-marketed segment of the Kenyan tourism sector. With 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 42 cultures and countless other heritage tourism products, Culture & Heritage tourism represents an SDA with outstanding socio-economic potential.

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