Community Identification

SEA Communities are developed to improve the competitiveness of sectors with regional comparative advantage but poor microeconomic performance.

SEA Communities are developed to improve the competitiveness of sectors with regional comparative advantage but poor microeconomic performance.

Communities are systems for collaboration, intentionally designed to improve the competitiveness in a given sector through economic and social upgrading. Through the identification of Strategic Development Area (SDAs) and an approach to blend public-private financing, we provide a system for ambitious entrepreneurs and development agencies to come together around impactful ideas in an effort to bring socio-economic development to local communities.  

Why are Communities important for SGB growth?

Identifying shared interest

Communities help align interest across the public–private divide by emphasizing the importance of social and economic impact from idea inception.

Providing Focus

Communities help to focus effort and link campaign-specific activities with the strategic outcomes of the broader community. 

Building Trust

Community efforts and capacities are built around transparency of objectives, helping build trust across the community.

Sharing Best Practices

The sharing of best practices is crucial for the community to fill knowledge gaps, improve efficiency, encourage leadership, and more.

Community Identification Process


Endowments such as land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship and culture create a foundation for prosperity, but true prosperity is created by productivity in the use of endowments. We first take inventory of these endowments in specific sectors across the SEA Region. 


Macro trends and economic research help us to define key opportunities in specific regions and sectors most relevant to enabling sustainable SGB development. These trends drive the scope of the opportunity area definition and provide a foundational hypothesis from which we direct our quantitative and qualitative research.


After key opportunity areas have been defined based off of macro trend research, in-depth quantitative and qualitative research is conducted to better define the scope of the opportunity area, challenges to development, key stakeholders for engagement and potential demand for solution-making.

Community Brief

After a thorough inventorying of key challenges and opportunities presented in the respective region and sector a community brief is prepared overviewing the analysis and setting the groundwork for the structure of the community and key Strategic Development Areas (SDAs). 


Explore our Kenyan Tourism Community

Tourism is a cornerstone of the Kenyan economy. It triggers the creation of one direct job for every eleven visitors received. It also contributes significantly to foreign exchange reserves and GDP as a whole. Bolstering this industry will require both collaboration and creativity, utilizing key technological innovations and impact strategies to expand product lines, promote marketing strategies, strengthen infrastructure and encourage investment.

Do you have a community in mind?

Things to consider

Communities are designed to identify opportunities for both social and economic impact. when recommending a community, please consider the following: 

  1. 1
    Does this sector have sufficient concentration of SGBs?

    SEA focuses on sectors of the economy that have high concentrations of Small & Growing Businesses(SGBs). We believe the nature of the 2nd ICT Revolution will empower these businesses and enable scalable, broad-based growth. 

  2. 2
    Is this industry exposed to digital disruption? (gatekeepers, intermediaries etc.)

    Certain sectors are more exposed to digital disruption than others. We look to build communities in sectors where scalable technologies (platforms, IoTs, content distribution etc.) can have a marked impact at the entrepreneurial level. 

  3. 3
    Are there existing communities/networks supporting this industry?

    Building a community is hard enough as it is. We look for sectors where existing networks are active, enabling us to 'tap into' a system to more easily scale our impact. 

    SEA is an L3C that builds industry-specific social enterprise accelerators to scale the impact of innovative market-based solutions and generate deal flow for impact-oriented investors.


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