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4 Core Drivers of Digital Evolution

Supply Conditions: How developed is the infrastructure to facilitate digital interactions and transactions? This driver measures the quality and readiness of digital and physical infrastructure such as bandwidth availability and quality of roads. Developing countries with fledgling infrastructure comprise the low end of the scores on the Supply driver. Demand Conditions: Are consumers willing and able to […]

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Financial Instrument Framework Spectrum

This Financial Instrument Framework from the Missing Middles Report by the Collaborative for Frontier Finance (Omidyar Network / Dutch Good Growth Fund [DGGF]) offers an excellent snapshot for mapping the spectrum of investment instruments in terms of risk and return expectations. Debt: Asset-based lending: any form of lending that is secured by a non-current asset […]

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4 Families of Small & Growing Businesses (SGBs)

This Segmentation Framework from the Missing Middles Report by the Collaborative for Frontier Finance (Omidyar Network / Dutch Good Growth Fund [DGGF]) proposes that segmenting the SGB market into multiple “missing middles” will help to more effectively diagnose the distinct financing needs and gaps faced by different types of enterprises – and in turn, will […]

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New Perspectives on Financing Small Cap SMEs in Emerging Markets: The Case for Mezzanine Finance

This report by the Dutch Good Growth Fund explores new models to provide risk capital in the form of mezzanine finance. Mezzanine Finance, which blends elements from traditional Private Equity (PE) and debt financing into a unique product, provides an additional offer in the SME finance ecosystem for missing middle entrepreneurs. SMEs form a crucial […]

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Omidyar Network & GDI on Impact Investing

This report by the Omidyar Network and the Global Development Incubator conducted a study with 50+ fund managers, fieldbuilders, and other intermediaries to detail the size of the market for SGB investments, existing debt and equity structures and products, progress by local and international investors, and success factors. The focus of this report is on […]

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Investing in Africa’s Small and Growing Businesses: An introduction to private equity in Africa

This handbook coordinated by Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) and written with the collaboration of INSEAD Business School, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and Ernst & Young is a tool to foster the development of early-stage SME investment in Africa and encourage the rise of new investors on the continent. The primary purpose of […]

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