Approach Overview

SEA's provides public sector investment promotion agencies(IPAs) with tools and processes to catalyze public-private collaboration around shared value opportunities.

SEA’s provides IPAs tools to map the business environment through SWOT and Cluster analyses. From this mapping we assist in identifying opportunities and aligning incentives towards technology-led, cluster specific, upgrading. After public-private alignment we provide tools and processes to assist in promoting these opportunities to targeted investors in an effort to facilitate foreign direct investment(FDI). 


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Encouraging FDI that creates shared value for society will require a new approach existing investment promotion capabilities. Our approach is designed to augment existing IPA functions through targeted technical solutions. 

Overview of Our Approach

Market Mapping SWOT

A SWOT analysis is the first step toward developing an investment promotion strategy and is a key tool for identifying an initial list of target sectors and underlying clusters that offer comparative advantages and the potential for investment.

Upgrading Opportunities

After target sectors have been identified and a cluster analysis completed, innovation accounting and comparable sector analysis takes place to identify strategic opportunities for improving cluster competitiveness through upgrading. 

Marketing & Promotion

After opportunities have been identified and public sector incentives aligned, IPA’s must disseminate this information in a way which creates a favorable image of the investment potential. This comes down to effectives marketing and promotion activities. 

Cluster Analysis

A cluster analysis is performed to better understand the environment within which key sectors identified in the SWOT Analysis operate. This signals opportunities where long-term growth through economic upgrading is most viable.

Incentive Alignment

After upgrading opportunities within key clusters of target sectors have been identified, an investment promotion action plan must be crafted in order to align key stakeholders around a defined strategy and mutually accepted targets.

Investor Targeting & Facilitation

Investor targeting, prospecting and screening are some of the most sophisticated and challenging activities of any investment promotion agency. The right technologies and processes are critical for effective matchmaking and relationship management. 

    SEA provides Investment Promotion Agencies(IPAs) with tools and processes for analyzing, aligning and promoting public investment opportunities to foreign direct investors.


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