Augementing Public-Private Collaboration

At AIPAC, we work with Governments and Investors to build scalable tools and innovative strategies to unlock Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) throughout second-tier cities of Africa.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) can be catalytic, mobilizing capital and technology to spur growth, expand productive capacity and diversify economies. Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) play a critical role in attracting this FDI. As an intermediary body between the public and private sectors, IPAs are often the public face of governments seeking to increase investment, promote economic and social development. SEA exists to augment these agencies’ capabilities with innovative technology products and strategic consulting services. 


Solutions for Governments

Leverage our unique Platform for Investment Promotion to market your location, promote key investment initiatives, generate targeted leads and more.

Solutions For Businesses

Access personalized opportunities through our dealflow tool, explore our IPA Initiative database, source bespoke market assessments and more.
Our Mission

To develop scalable technologies and innovative strategies that unlock FDI into East Africa and create opportunities for Shared Value Creation.  

SEA & the IPA

The unique, intermediary role of IPAs underlies their importance of advancing FDI and the potential of promoting shared value creation through the alignment of key social objectives with private sector investment opportunities. 

Our Products - The SEA Platform

The emergence of modern technologies has brought changes in the way investment promotion is conducted. If properly utilized, they can significantly improve an IPA's performance. SEA's products are designed to leverage these new technologies for the advancement of IPA objectives.

Identify & Align

SEA’s Identify & Align solution offers IPAs tools for digitizing, analyzing and collaborating around key data sources and experiences.

Market & Promote

SEA’s Market & Promote solution provides a platform for IPAs to showcase locations, sectors, clusters and objectives to prospective investors. 

Facilitate & Close

SEA’s Facilitate & Close solution is designed to turn prospects into investors. Qualify prospects, support enquiries and close more deals. 

Support & Report

SEA’s Support & Report solution provides a post-investment portal to support project implementation and encourage future re-investment. 

SEA at the 2019 Shared Value Initiative

Shared value is a management strategy in which private sector businesses find sustainable opportunities in social problems. While the focus of philanthropy and CSR is on “giving back” or minimizing harm, shared value is about maximizing the competitive value of solving social problems

The practice of shared value creation is at the core of SEA’s Mission and Theory of Change. We recently attended Africa’s Shared Value Summit in May where we networked with practitioners, shared best practices and sowed the seeds for future partnerships. To learn more about Shared Value and SEA’s experience at the Summit, check out our blog post below. 

Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or sustainability, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success.

Mark Kramer, Shared Value Initiative Nairobi, 2019

Our Approach to Investment Promotion

Map Markets & Analyze Clusters.

Effective investment promotion starts with an understanding of the business environment. Market Mapping via a SWOT analysis helps to identify broad market dynamics while Cluster Analysis helps us focus on clusters of interest.  

Identify Opportunities & Align Incentives

Once markets have been mapped and clusters analyzed, its time to identify key investment opportunities. It’s critical to ensure these opportunities have incentives aligned with public objectives and private investment preferences. 

Promote Opportunities & Facilitate Investment

After opportunities have been identified and public-private incentives aligned its time to market & promote these opportunities. SEA HUBs are designed to showcase these proposals as well as target and facilitate foreign investment. 

Market & Promote – Tourism in Kenya 

Tourism is a cornerstone of the Kenyan economy. It triggers the creation of one direct job for every eleven visitors received. It also contributes significantly to foreign exchange reserves and GDP as a whole. Bolstering this industry will require both collaboration and creativity, utilizing key technological innovations and impact strategies to expand product lines, promote marketing strategies, strengthen infrastructure and encourage investment.


SEA promotes FDI which in turn spurs Job Creation, Technology Transfer and SDG Alignment.

Job Creation

Jobs are the foundation of an economy. Not only do they provide an economic foundation to build off of but they drive reductions in inequality. 

While some forms of discrimination against women and girls are diminishing, gender inequality continues to this day. Empowering women will require the creation of new opportunities for self empowerment through employment, among other things. Empowering women will require the creation of new opportunities for self empowerment through employment, among other things. ​

Technology Transfer

The emergence of modern ICT technologies over the past decade has fundamentally changed the way investment promotion is conducted. When properly utilized, technology can significantly improve IPA performance.

Technological progress is critical to economic growth and welfare for any country, regardless of level of development. Given fast technological change in more advanced economies, closing the technological capability gap that separates them from developing countries is a necessary condition to put the latter on a path to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

SEA & the SDGs

Integrating SDG metrics into IPA strategy will be a critical step in aligning Public & Private incentives around shared value creation. 

Since their introduction in 2015, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have emerged as the generally accepted criteria guiding investors interested in achieving impact. The 17 goals cover a wide range of social and environmental goals, the attainment of which are generally recognized as ensuring unambiguous developmental progress for the world’s poor. Accordingly, these SDGs form the basis of SEA’s impact measurement approach.

    SEA provides Investment Promotion Agencies(IPAs) with tools and processes for analyzing, aligning and promoting public investment opportunities to foreign direct investors.


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